Our Offer

"Ad HOC" Support

Exclusive support, based on the following step approach:

  1. Customer need analysis; 
  2. Customer characteristics analysis;
  3. Definition, and review/refinement with the Customer, of the more appropriate consultancy activity plan in order to achieve the Customer objective;
  4. Development of consultancy elementary activities; including "on-going" feedback collection and analysis.

Technical Support

Consultancy Support including, but not limited to, the following main activities:

  • Design;
  • Analysis and calculation;
  • Budget and Margins definition and management;
  • Risk Analysis;
  • Reliability analysis, modelling and FMECA;
  • Cost Analysis and modelling;
  • Performance analysis and modelling;
  • Definition of Design, Development and Qualification Plans; 
  • Definition of Tech specifications (Equipment or Systems);
  • Definition of Test Specifications;
  • Management Support for the development of any technical documentation;
  • Technical support in the frame of Design Reviews;
  • Feasibility Analyses for new Products or Services;
  • Technical Follow-up of subcontractors;
  • …......

Management Support

Consultancy Support including, but not limited to, the following main activities:

  • Development of procedures for Management & Quality Control;
  • Definition of efficiency indicators
  • Development of Organisation Analysis
  • Management Support for Programs Management
  • Management Support for Contracts development and management
  • Management Support for Planning definition and management
  • Design Reviews organisation and support
  • Definition of special team «skills» need (for defined target)
  • Planning follow-up of Subcontractors
  • Development of Independent Reviews
  • Management Support for the management of «external» interfaces  
  • Participation (or support of the Customer) to boards, panels…
  • Supply policy development
  • Management Support for the documentation management
  • …......

Commercial and Marketing Support

Thanks to the support of a dedicated person, this consultancy support including, but not limited to, the following main activities:

  • Monitoring of National / International Tenders or opportunities;
  • Development of competitive proposals;
  • Development of strategic Plans;
  • Development and implementation of Marketing Plan;
  • Definition and Management of Marketing Budget;
  • Management of the advertising campaign;
  • Development of Commercial Partnership;
  • General support for foreign people;
  • Support for the Customer interface activities;
  • Development of Business Plans;
  • Development of Market and Business math models;
  • Management Support for the definition and consolidation of Partnership;
  • Make or buy analyses;
  • Technologies spin-Off analyses;
  • Market Analyses;
  • Interface with external Organisations (representing the Customer);
  • …......

Training Support

Consultancy Support including, but not limited to, the following main activities:

  • Definition and implementation of training plans dedicated to specific objectives of the Customer; 
  • Development of training included in the activities of any contract acquired by the Customer;
  • Training need analyses;
  • Training of new employees
  • Company Vision dissemination activities;
  • Special Teams formation and training;
  • Review and Monitoring of external formation/ training opportunities;
  • Review of opportunities of cost contributions for formation activities (national and international scenario);
  • …......